Blood of the Eohim

The High Caernou: Book One

“So it is today our blood still calls us back to the light even while keeping us firmly grounded. The blood of the stars, the blood of the earth. The blood of the Eohim.”

The Eohim once ruled a great kingdom full of beauty and light, of sentient creatures and natural wonders unseen in other lands. Then the last wars destroyed the land and forced the Eohim into exile, a people feared, hated—and hunted.

Nat Ardon knows the legends surrounding his mysterious homeland. When those legends come to life, he is pulled into a world of talking beasts, people from the stars, and a secret group who have plans for those with Eohim blood.

Mel Rallano experienced their intentions firsthand. Orphaned and tormented by a dangerous killer, she lives in fear, isolated from everyone she meets, even her childhood friend Nat. Despite her misgivings, the two are ordered to work together, and as they hunt for the man who threatens their lives, Nat and Mel realize their search leads back to the very land their ancestors abandoned.